My cartoons are snapshots of the funny sides of life.

I capture moments in time such as holidays and travel (for me, skiing, swimming and adventures in Africa). I have illustrated hundreds, probably thousands, of incidents, events and occasions – some by request but more often because things….

…make me smile!

As well as pictures and cards I illustrate books. Take a look at my Cartoon Books here.

and have a look at my gallery and see if you’d like me to create something personalised for you or someone you know?

I have been a teacher for over 30 years – known for my creative style and ….

...making learning fun.

My love of Africa and travels often inspire my work as well as the people and places in Cornwall and Scotland.

The cartoons and book illustrations are in pen & ink and watercolour.

I paint in both watercolour and acrylic you can see some of my artwork here

Pottery studio pieces that I make are decorated in traditional glazes and some in a cartoon style completed in relief and colours.

Ceramic Cartoons Ceramics with “cartoons” are sculpted pieces, such as the figure pieces, or are vases and bowls. These are
Ann Force cartoon artist
A collection of cartoons drawn and watercoloured by Ann Force - my Illustrated Books, my African Diary, cartoons for Cards
Godrevy Lighthouse Cornwall
Acrylic and Watercolour Paintings, Mixed Media and Oil The acrylic and watercolour paintings are mainly inspired by the beautiful Cornish
Our situation during lockdown in 2020 due to the coronvirus pandemic. Cartoons drawn to show our day - keeping isolated,
Ann Force Thank you for looking at my work.

I hope the cartoons made you smile.

These galleries enable me to showcase past work – but contact me if you would like to use a cartoon image, or be sent a copy.

I don’t have paper or digital copies of all my work, as I have, over many years, handed out drawings as I’ve done them, – sometimes as cards and sometimes as a quick sketch of an incident that I found funny.

Contact me if you would like me to create a cartoon for you or someone you know. Maybe a picture, a card, or, to celebrate youngsters years to create a personalised book. My charges are moderate… depending on the work involved!

To take a look at my latest work see my Instagram account below:

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