Ann Force cartoon artist


A collection of cartoons

drawn and watercoloured by Ann Force

– my Illustrated Books, my African Diary, cartoons for Cards and cartoons on Pottery


My cartoons have been described as

being the silver lining to every cloud

…. as they often show a tricky situation or difficulty in an amusing way. So you will see this in some examples in my cartoon cards and pictures showcased on my website. I often give these cartoon drawings to someone after hearing of some “ disaster” that has an amusing angle!

Colour Cartoons - Single Person Images of people showing everyday life happenings and mishaps, each cartoon picture helping to bring
Cartoon images of animals featuring dogs, horses, badgers and seagulls and more.... 
Black and White Cartoons The skiing cartoons are drawn quickly and handed to skiers who provide numerous funny incidents -
Ann Force cartoon books
Cartoon Books These cartoon books have been written and illustrated by me.  The cartoon books have been based on real
Our situation during lockdown in 2020 due to the coronvirus pandemic. Cartoons drawn to show our day - keeping isolated,

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